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Rise Arrow Quiver

Starting at $189.95


  • Aluminum and woven carbon fiber for weight reduction and maximum durability.
  • The built-in quiver hanger allows the user to hang the quiver on a hook or limb while hunting.
  • The larger hood is engineered to accommodate today’s larger and longer fixed blades and expandable broadheads.
  • A secondary arrow quiver allows the user to hold arrows and broadheads tighter and more reliably.
  • Exclusive 3-way adjustment provides fine-tuning of the bow balance using the quiver. Adjust up, down, forward, back, in, and out.
  • The world’s first low-torque quiver that fits tight to the bow and is exceptionally lightweight.
  • Bulldog Gripper provides individually adjustable arrow wedges that adapt to virtually any arrow diameter.
  • The quick detach allows the user to remove the quiver from the bow quickly and quietly.
  • 11 oz.