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Starting at $219.95


Adjustable Customized Fit
  • The Telescoping rods allow the user to adjust the overall length of their quiver.
  • A secondary arrow quiver allows the user to hold arrows and broadheads tighter and more reliably.
  • The larger hood design will accommodate longer and wider broadheads.
  • Aluminum and woven carbon fiber for weight reduction and maximum durability.
  • The built-in quiver hanger allows the user to hang the quiver on a hook or limb while hunting.
  • The quick detach allows the user to remove the quiver from the bow quickly and quietly.
  • Rotational adjustability to fine-tune for forward or backward bow balance.
  • Adjustable arrow wedges allow the user to adjust the tension in which the arrow is held.
  • Oversized dovetail mount to fine-tune in and out balance and eliminate side torque.
  • 13.8 oz.