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Quiver Registration

How do I register my quiver?

On our registration page

Warranty Questions

Does my quiver have a warranty?

All too often, in the disposable society that we live in, companies do not stand behind their products. At TightSpot, we think a premium product should be accompanied by a real guarantee. That’s why we build every TightSpot with this simple “Ironclad Guarantee.”

If your (original owner) TightSpot quiver breaks, no matter how, we will repair or replace it at no cost.

For all warranty returns to TightSpot, please use the following addresses:

US Customers:
TightSpot Warranty
100 Springdale Rd
Westfield, MA 01085

Canada Customers:
TightSpot Warranty
2335 Shirley Drive
Kitchener, ON N2B 3X4

The TightSpot warranty covers products purchased from TightSpot or Authorized TightSpot Dealers. CLICK HERE for our Dealer Locator. Online purchases are only warrantied when purchased directly from the TightSpot website, through an Authorized Dealer’s e-commerce site, or from a certified Amazon Selling Partner. TightSpot products will not be warrantied if purchased through auction sites such as eBay.

What is the warranty process?

All you need to do is throw it in a box with your name, address, phone #, and a brief description of what is going on and we will get you taken care of. Send it to the address below.

US Customers:
TightSpot Warranty
100 Springdale Rd
Westfield, MA 01085

CDN Customers:
TightSpot Warranty
2335 Shirley Drive
Kitchener, ON N2B 3X4

You can also take your quiver to your local dealer, preferably the dealer you purchased it from. If that dealer is not available, please take it to your next closest Authorized Dealer. CLICK HERE for our Dealer Locator. At that point, the Dealer will contact our Parts and Service Department to determine, together with our technicians, if it is necessary to send the product back to the factory for further inspection, or if the issue can be easily resolved by sending parts directly to the Dealer. Your dealer will be able to relay all information to you regarding your warranty case.


Where can I find the current TightSpot Quivers catalog?

The catalog can be found on our downloads page.

Technology Questions

What mounting options are available on the new TightSpot lineup?

There are two main mounting options for TightSpot quivers. The first option is the dovetail mount that comes with most of our quivers and mounts onto most bows using holes in the sight mount. Second, the 2-piece quiver we sell comes with adapters and hardware to mount directly to the riser of your bow. Our 2-piece quiver comes with 3 different adapters that work on most bows.

Military Discount

Does TightSpot have a military program?

All discounts are run through our Dealer base. Please reach out to your local Dealer.

General Questions

Where are TightSpot Quivers made?

TightSpot quivers are manufactured and assembled in Kitchener, Ontario. Learn more at our About Us page.

Can I order directly from TightSpot?

Absolutely. Our products can be ordered directly through the TightSpot website. Start shopping here.

How long will it take to receive my quiver if I order directly from TightSpot?

Product usually ships within 24 hours. Please call us directly to hear about our current lead times.

Are there any past models still available?

One of your favorite prior-year quiver models may be available for purchase. Your local Dealer CLICK HERE for our Dealer Locator can contact their sales representative and check on availability and cost of any prior year models.


How can I learn about returns?

Contact TightSpot Customer Service for information regarding returns.

Return policy: Merchandise can be returned only with prior authorization and an RA number. Returned goods are subject to a 15% restocking charge, cannot be used or soiled, and must be current-year stock.

Errors: You must notify us within 10 days of receipt of merchandise if there were any shipping errors made, or the claim may be denied.

Contact Us

TightSpot Quivers
2335 Shirley Drive
Kitchener, ON N2B 3X4

Phone: (888) 689-1289
Email: info@tightspotquivers.com

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